6 reasons to deploy Sitecore experience platform 8

Also known as Sitecore XP 8, this latest version enables users to create and deploy unique digital experiences to customers, faster than ever before. By generating analytics in real time; site owners are provided with valuable and timely insights regarding visitor activity.

'The goal with Sitecore XP 8 was to give time back to marketers and free them up to be marketers again,” - Michael Seifert, Sitecore CEO.

Sitecore Experience Platform 8 provides the following new features:

  • Brand New User Interface: Sitecore XP 8 now has a brand new user interface. The existing features still work like they did before, making it very time efficient for upgrading.
  • Experience Profile: A key feature of Sitecore XP 8, the Experience Profile collects data regarding the entire customer experience for each visitor, pulling information from both online and offline channels. This allows site owners to create an identity for each individual customer and tailor content accordingly. For example, based on the data a company could identify a pattern in the time of day that customers are most interactive online. Marketing communications could then be planned in order to accommodate this, targeting the largest potential audience.
  • Segmentation & Automation: Information collected within the Experience Profiles can be used to identify and create target segments within the user’s customer base. Segments can easily be communicated with via Sitecore’s automation and email marketing capabilities. For example, a segment that spends the majority of their time online keeping up to date with world news may respond well to content that grabs their attention by using key words related to current events.
  • Data Analytics: Sitecore uses Engagement Value to measure campaign success and provide recommendations for improvements. Sitecore can also process and analyse data from other CRM, ERP, and POS systems. Companies could deploy Sitecore X P 8 and leverage its utility immediately using data from other management systems.
  • Testing & Optimization: All activity within Sitecore XP 8 can be optimised. Sophisticated test tools built within the platform mean that each channel can be continually fine-tuned for performance.
  • Immediate Functionality: Sitecore can now be used as a central hub to manage user’s digital property, even on non-Sitecore sites. New customers are able to gain Sitecore functionality immediately on existing sites, ensuring this upgrade is both time and cost efficient.

Sitecore Experience Platform 8, provides site owners with vivid profiles of their customer base, allowing them to develop tailored strategies. Using Sitecore as a cross functional platform means data collation is faster and more efficient, allowing for more resources to focus on enhancing the overall user experience for every website.

Check out the official press release from Sitecore here.

Sharron Martin

Author: Sharron Martin
Published: 14/01/2015